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Help downloading

The software is distributed in zip files. If two separate zip files are shown, one zip file contains the setup program and the other one contains an update. If you have installed a previous version, you might not need to download a complete setup.

Read the manuals for information on how to install the software. The software is developed for Windows 10, but it should run fine on other versions of Windows. Send an email if you encounter any problems!

Note: some programs only have a manual in the DUTCH language. In those cases, the software is in the English language. Although you may not be able to read the manuals, you could use the screenshots in the manual as a guide to get you started. New manuals will be made when the software is updated.

Depending on your operating system or your browser you might need to download the software with your right mouse button. Choose "Save target as..." in the context menu.

The manual

At this time manuals are available in two languages.

  (1 MB) 6-9-2012

This is the manual in pdf format, for the SportsWatch Delay 3. Unfortunately there is no manual for version 4 yet, but the programs are very similar.

The software

The following zip file contains the setup program, for new and for existing users.

  (4 MB) Build 2020-11-16

This zip file contains the setup program for the SportsWatch Delay, version 4 beta1, excluding the manual

If you have installed a recent setup and you have experience with updating an exe file in the program Files folder, you could download just the exe file. If you do not know how to do this, download the UserSetup directly above!

  (2 MB) Build 2020-11-16

This zip file only contains the last exe file, it does not contain a setup, nor does it contain demo files, dotnet or the manual
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