Read this before registering!

Unfortunately, SportsWatch software may not work properly with all hardware. Check whether the software works well for you, before you register the software. If you want more info before testing, you can read more about hardware requirements on this page. Downloading and testing is free, so be sure to test whether the software works fine with your camera and computer!

The Demo setups contain video files with which you can evaluate almost all of the functions of the software. But capturing your own video clips is limited. To test both capturing and analysing components in the software, we offer the possibility of a temporary registration code. If you would like a temporary registration code, please contact Marcel de Natris, through email marcel@natrisoft.nl.

Registering version 3 software and offline setups

The version 3 software cannot be fully registered online. The procedure for version 3 software and for version 4 setups that are not connected to the internet is as follows:

The video below shows how to enter the registration code and 'unlock' the software.

Registering version 4 software (online)

Work is being done to make the process easier for users of the new version 4 software. A new webshop is being built that enables online registration and licenses can be paid for with iDeal or credit card. Once the payment has been processed, the license is automatically activated. Also, you will have the choice for a one-time license or a monthly subscription. More information will be available, when this new system is (nearly) completed.


The terms of NatriSoft that apply to this software can be found on this page.

Prices are quoted including VAT (in the NL the VAT is named BTW and the rate is 21%). If you live outside the Netherlands, we might be able to offer you the software without charging VAT. If you live outside the Netherlands, supply your VAT number. When we have recieved that info, we will check whether we can send you an invoice without VAT.

Contact / quotation

If after downloading and testing you are sure you want to purchase one or more licenses, or when you want a quotation first, please contact Marcel de Natris, via email marcel@natrisoft.nl.

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