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SportsWatch Interface

Import recorded data from PocketPC into PC

The SportsWatch programs for PocketPC do not only show data on the screen of the PocketPC, all that data is saved to files on the PocketPC. These data files can be imported to Excel using the free Excel application called SportsWatch Interface.

So this program is meant to be used together with the SportsWatch Pocket software!

After the files are transferred from the PocketPC to the desktop PC or laptop using ActiveSync ot some other program, these files can be opened in Excel within the SportsWatch Interface application. It is possible to edit the data and save it, to text or Excel documents. After synchronising the edited and saved data is available on your PocketPC.

When SportsWatch Interface is opened in an Excel version older than Excel 2007, an extra menu is added to MS Excel. The menu will be removed when the application is closed. In Excel 2007, extra menu's are shown on the last ribbon.

On the worksheet Swimmers you can manage data of athletes. This only applies to the SportsWatch Pro (in the SportsWatch Lite and in the SportsWatch Multi you can not select individual athletes). The names of the athletes must be typed in column B, the name of the group can be typed in column C. By selecting the first option in the menu (Save Swimmers File to PocketPC) this data will be saved to disk for usage on the PocketPC within the SportsWatch Pro.

Names of athletes and groups can be inserted and edited in the PocketPC, but it is easier to do that in the SportsWatch Interface. When you make adjustments in your PocketPC, the athletes data can be copied to the SportsWatch Interface using the second option in the menu (Open Athletes File from PocketPC).

Of course the application can open data files, showing all laptimes, stroke frequencies, etc. Using the third option in the menu (Open Data File from PocketPC) you can open any data file. This can be a day file with all data recorded on a single day, or a personal file that contains all data from a single athlete.

Important to know is that the data is saved separately for each mode. So data of sprints and races are not saved in the same folder, but in subdirectories:

Data that has been recorded in Sprint mode can be found in the folder
    \My Documents\SportsWatch\Pro\Sprint
Data that has been recorded in Race mode can be found in the folder
    \My Documents\SportsWatch\Pro\Race

When synchronizing data of your PocketPC, this structure is copied to your desktop PC. The path of the data file is used to determine the mode, then the titles are placed in the first row accordingly. Also, the mode termines the colour that is applied to some of the columns (the colour of the Race mode is red).

After opening some columns are grouped together, only showing the laptimes. The other data can be shown by clicking the plus button (see picture above) or the button with the 2 (on the left side, above row 1). You can hide that data by clicking the minus button or the button with the 1.

If desired, you can make small adjustments in the data. After editing, you can copy the data to the PocketPC using the fourth option in the menu (Save Data file to PocketPC).

With the fifth option (Export Data File as Excel file) you can save the currently opened data file to a new Excel file (the current worksheet is copied, without the other worksheet and without the macro code).


This software can be downloaded from this page.


This software is freeware.


This software does not need to be registered.

System requirements

The Interface program requires Microsoft Excel 2000, 2003, 2007 or 2010. Send an email if you encounter any problems, see contact info.

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