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SportsWatch Pocket


Software for PocketPC, with which you can record times and frequencies during training and competitions, just like you could do with an 'old-fashioned' stopwatch

However, the Pocket software includes features that you won't find in 'normal' stopwatches. For instance multiple clocks, to record multiple laptimes for multiple athletes. It is possible to compare data to previous races on the PocketPC, and to open SportsWatch files on your PC for evaluations.

The SportsWatch software for PocketPC is designed for Windows Mobile 2003 and is updated for Windows Mobile 5. Almost all PocketPC's have a screen in the size of 240 by 320 pixels. PocketPC's are equipped with a touchscreen, so you tap on the screen using a stylus (a thin pen) or your fingers. The SportsWatch software is controlled by two or more big buttons on the screen, which you can tap on using your thumbs or fingers.

Different variations

Some coaches work with large groups of athletes, others work with just a few. That requires a different approach and different software. That's why The SportsWatch software is available in different versions or programs. Maybe one of these will suit you best, but of course you can use multiple programs!

Below you will find a brief description of each of these programs. You are free to download all software and see for yourself how this software can help you coach your athletes better!

SportsWatch Pocket Lite

The ideal stopwatch for starters

Maybe you do not need fancy features, but you do want to record times and frequencies and store them to evaluate data in Excel. If that's the case, the 'Lite' version is a good start.

In different modes you can record a laptime and a stroke frequency for each lap. You can compare data with the previous lap right away. You can use the Sprint and Race mode during competitions and the Interval mode and the Repeat mode during training sessions.

The 'Lite' version has limited features compared to the other SportsWatches, but you can do more with this program than with a 'normal' stopwatch!

Click here for more information on the Pocket Lite version

SportsWatch Pocket Pro

The ideal stopwatch for professional coaches

The 'Pro' version is meant for coaches with a limited amount of athletes, that want more data. In the Pro version you can select the name of the athlete for each race. The names are saved in the data files together with the recorded and calculated data, all can be opened in Excel for evaluation.

When selecting names of athletes, the personal bests and previous times are shown on screen. Sso you can coach your athletes better, to achieve the optimal performance. The 'Pro' version is perfect for the demanding coach and provides you with more data than any other stopwatch!

Note: The stroke length is not available in The SportsWatch software, but the stroke length is included in sport specific software, like The SwimWatch PocketPC software.

Click here for more information on the Pocket Pro version

SportsWatch Interface

Import recorded data from PocketPC into PC

SportsWatch Pocket programs do not only show data on screen, all that data is saved to files on the PocketPC. You can evaluate these files in Excel and to make that easier, an Excel application has been made: SportsWatch Interface.

Click here for more information on the Interface


Before you register the software, you can test the software free of charge. However, the software is restricted in it's use. In case of The SportsWatch Lite the program will be interrupted now and then prompting you to register.

Although these restrictions may bother you slightly, bear in mind that you are offered an opportunity to "try before you buy". The Demo mode should enable you to test the software and to determine how this software can help you to coach your athletes more efficiently.


This software can be downloaded from this page.


Testing the software is free, to continue using it you should register the software.

  • SportsWatch Pocket software for version 1.10 Lite
  • SportsWatch Pocket manual for version 1.10
  • Free upgrades to future versions  Lite

    Price  49 incl. 21% VAT, one-off (not annual)
  • SportsWatch Pocket software for version 1.14 Pro
  • SportsWatch Pocket manual for version 1.14
  • Free upgrades to future versions  Pro

    Price  99 incl. 21% VAT, one-off (not annual)


You can buy a software license by registering on this page.

System requirements

The software for PocketPC runs on Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5. The PocketPC must have a screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels (this is the standard resolution for PocketPC's). If you already own a PocketPC, test the software before registering the software. See the manuals for installing the software.

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