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Welcome to the NatriSoft website

Welcome to the NatriSoft website. On this website you will find information on software made by the company NatriSoft, which is published under different brandnames.


After developing software for different branches (among which car lease companies) for years, NatriSoft is now focused on developing software for athletes, coaches and analysts of various sports. Software packages are published under brandnames like SportsWatch and SwimWatch.

Compared to other sports software, this software is very practical. The reason for this is that Marcel de Natris - founder and developer - is very experienced in sport as an athlete, as a coach and as an analist. The combination of his experience and great ideas produce practical solutions.

New developments

In 2009 and 2010 a lot of hard work has been done to renew and extend all product lines. In 2011 new versions of all existing software will be released. In 2012 a series of totally new products will become available. Keep visiting this website so you do not miss out on new products and solutions!

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