A life without music is a boring life. Most people listen to music every day, but making music is much more fun. Marcel de Natris has made a number of programs for his own use, which can be made available to other music lovers on request.

Marcel Drummers MIDI Manager

With the most advanced program in this series, the program is Marcel DMM (Drummers MIDI Manager). This program is especially intended for drummers who use (multiple) electronic drum modules. It combines various functions that are important for drummers.

The system includes:

Annotations can be made for each number
There are many parameters for setting a metronome
Audio can also be used in many ways

Lullaby software

For people with the tinnitus disorder (ringing in the ears) it is nice to fall asleep with music and to get up with music. To make this simple, a program has been created that controls this.

The system includes:

Music when falling asleep is turned on manually
Various actions can be performed when music ends
It is possible to start (other) music at a specific time

This program is a good example of a simple program that can make life more pleasant!

For more information on music software, please email marcel@natrisoft.nl.

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