Who or what is 'NatriSoft'?

NatriSoft is an all-round company that works in IT, run by Marcel de Natris. NatriSoft provides various services and makes software for various industries. Examples of a number of services and products are shown on this website. But NatriSoft also accepts assignments to develop custom software, or to make custom versions of previously made software, so it meets your personal requirements.


At first, the focus of NatriSoft was on developing custom software for companies in various branches (among which car lease companies). In more recent years, NatriSoft has focused on developing software for sports analysis. Software packages are published under brandnames like SportsWatch and SwimWatch. But NatriSoft loves variety and likes to take on new challenges!

New projects

Because NatriSoft is very versatile, NatriSoft can be hired for all kinds of projects. From web design and realization (HTML/CSS/Javascript/php/MySQL), to MS Office solutions (VBA) and custom software (in .NET). NatriSoft is truly all-round and can contribute to teams or develop software (full stack). Questions or more information? Send an email to marcel@natrisoft.nl!

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