Making websites has become much simpler by services like Wordpress, but working with fixed templates can impose unwanted limitations. NatriSoft designs and always creates custom websites, from scratch. That means that every website is made for a specific client. Pure handwork and no easy roll-out!

Website design

The word "design" usually means what something "visually" looks like. But a website design is just as much (or more) about "function". If NatriSoft is instructed to make a design for a website, it will first make an inventory of points or requirements that the website must or should meet. Only then, visual designs will be made.

In recent years, much is written about website security (certificates) and about SEO (search engine optimization). Of course, these are also matters that NatriSoft takes into account. But not by pulling tricks, but just by building good and decent websites!

Website creation

As a rule, NatriSoft focuses on functionality, believing that in most cases the purpose of a website is to inform people. In cases where 'amusement' is the aim, our conviction is that this must be achieved with 'content' and not through 'form'.

For website creation NatriSoft uses HTML, CSS, Javascript, php en MySQL. Which tools and techniques will be used, depends on the project.

Website content

Once a website has been created, it is not finished. In order to keep a website up to date and interesting, it is usually neccessary to update the website regularly. NatriSoft can update those updates using information submitted by the client, for a fixed monthly fee. But we have also developed tools that enable the customer to maintain the website himself, for example with MS Excel or MS Access.

NatriSoft has created an Excel application that makes it very easy to maintain a multilingual website, where pages can be changed and added. The resulting webpages can be checked offline, before release. After approval the files can be uploaded with the very same Excel application (with FTPS, explicit encription).

NatriSoft also creates websites with php / MySQL and in that scenario the HTML code is not made offline, but online (better said: client-side). Management of such websites can for example be done with an offline MS Access database. So also with websites made in this way, it is possible that the website management is done with MS Office.

The FTP settings must be entered once
Then create pages on one or more worksheets
After an offline check, the files can go online

Price indication

Note: the pricies below are excluding VAT and they are merely indications, they do not constitute an offer or quotation. Each agreement is always preceded by a meeting (online or in person) and a quotation. The prices in quotations may deviate from these price indications because they depends, for example, on how data is supplied.

Note: the price indication is for the design, manufacture and installation of a website such as www.natrisoft.nl (or www.natrisoft.com). The price indications exclude costs for hosting the website and exclude future maintenance. Maintenance can be done by NatriSoft or by the client.

Price indication for a website

  Description Quantity/hour Price/pce Total
Basic: Website design by NatriSoft 4 € 55 from € 220
  Per static page, price depends on quantity 1 € 55 € 55
  (minimum € 25) 2 € 53 € 106
    3 € 52 € 156
    4 € 51 € 204
    20 € 35 € 700
    32 € 25 € 800
  Website such as natrisoft.nl, 16 pages in 2 languages = 32 pages from € 1020
Optional: Logo design and creation     from  € 250
  Design by professional designer     from  € 250
  Offline application to maintain the entire website     from  € 150
  Online pages to edit specific pages     from  € 55

Price indication for a webshop

Basic: Website design by NatriSoft (see websites) 4 € 55 from € 220
  Design and creation of database 1 € 55 € 55
  Filling database with product data 1 € 55 € 55
Ordering: Product overview with all products 1 € 55 € 55
  Product page (information and order button) 1 € 55 € 55
  New order (shopping cart and total) 1 € 55 € 55
Processing: Processing orders (customer data and summary) 2 € 55 € 110
  Processing payments and confirmations by email 1 € 55 € 55
  Simple webshop without login details and accounts from € 660
Optional: Filling database with existing customers 1 € 55 € 55
  Add login, logout and forgotten login 4 € 55 € 220
  Page for changing login details 1 € 55 € 55
  Page for customizing customer data 1 € 55 € 55
  Overview of orders per customer 1 € 55 € 55
  Overview page for Managers 1 € 55 € 55
  Manager can prepare orders (and share URL) 1 € 55 € 55
  Manager adding a discount on the entire order 1 € 55 € 55
  Ability to issue and accept vouchers 2 € 55 € 110
  Specific discounts for customers 1 € 55 € 55
  Forms / extra input fields   € 55 from  € 55
  Sending emails when shipping orders 1 € 55 € 55
  Webshop such as natrisoft.com (but without activation of licenses) from € 1540

For more information on websites, to request a quotation, send an email to marcel@natrisoft.nl.

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