Health is one of the most important things in life and in order to be and stay healthy, exercise is vital. You can exercise as a hobby or as a professional. NatriSoft has made a number of programs especially for the latter group of people and these are being used in more than 10 countries and more than 10 sports.

SportsWatch software

NatriSoft has made a lot of software for athletes, coaches and analysts and this software is used in a variation of competitive sports. The programs are released under brand names like SportsWatch and SwimWatch.

Compared to other sports software, this software is very practical. The reason for this is that Marcel de Natris - founder and developer - is very experienced in sport as an athlete, as a coach and as an analist. The combination of his experience and great ideas produce practical solutions.

SportsWatch Delay
SportsWatch Video
SportsWatch Clock

Click on the logo below to go to the SportsWatch website.

SwimWatch software

The sports software that NatriSoft has made and that can be used in various sports falls under the SportsWatch brand name. However, there is also a product line of software that is specifically made for swimming. This has been given the SwimWatch brand name. The best-known example is the SwimWatch Race Analyzer program in which more than 10,000 races were systematically analyzed during European Championships, World Championships and Olympic games.

SwimWatch Start Analyzer
SwimWatch Race Analyzer
Distribution of videofiles and analysis

Click on the logo below to go to the SwimWatch website.


NatriSoft has also made a few applications for MS Excel for the dart sport. Of course there is a solution for a competition that lasts a single evening, with individual players or couples. But an application has also been made, that can be used for a competition that lasts an entire season. Aside from that, an online system has also been created that does all this and more. This is a great system for small and medium-sized dart clubs.

Offline dart software

This Excel application can be used for one or two competitions (simultaneously) and for a whole season. This system takes into account the presence of players and how many matches they want to play per meeting. A playlist is created, that list the games that were played the longest time ago, at the top. This ensures sufficient variation in opponents and it remains fun for everyone!

Automatic planning of matches (longest ago first)
Manual selection of matches is also possible
Various reports are available

Online dart software: webdarts

The first version of WebDarts was created during the early months of the Corona crisis in 2020. The original goal was to make it possible to play darts at home, from two different locations. After that first version, the system was expanded and it is now also suitable for small and medium-sized dart clubs.

The planning shows which games are not played yet
Each game starts with throwing at the bull
In turn each player enters their score

After a finish statistics are show for that leg
Best of 3 means you need two legs to win the match
The systems also holds statistics for a complete competition

The online system has its own web page, with more information and more screenshots. Click on the logo below to go to the Webdarts webpage.

Other sports

In the coming years NatriSoft will publish software for other sports as well, for instance cycling, running, skating, triathlon and team sports. If you have suggestions or ideas, please contact NatriSoft. Because all existing software is designed for re-use, it will be easy to develop software for specific sports.

For more information on system software, please email marcel@natrisoft.nl.

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