Most of the software that NatriSoft has made is usually made on behalf of specific customers. But not all software is made for clients. NatriSoft has also developed a number of more generic products, with the intent to sell licenses for these products. Of course, it is also possible to expand generic products with additional functions, to create custom products. Best of both worlds!


Many accounting packages have been made, both offline and online. More and more packages are designbed to be used online, but NatriSoft is in favor of the strategy to keep the administration offline as much as possible (to only put online that part that really needs to be online). Why would you as a company put your most sensitive information online (with all the associated risks) if that is not necessary?

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System software

To automate or optimize processes, it is sometimes necessary for data to be moved or copied. It is also advisable to regularly backup important data. NatriSoft has also made a number of tools for this purpose.

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A life without music is a boring life. Most people listen to music every day, but making music is much more fun. Marcel de Natris has made a number of programs for his own use, which can be made available to other music lovers on request.

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Health is one of the most important things in life and in order to be and stay healthy, exercise is vital. You can exercise as a hobby or as a professional. NatriSoft has made a number of programs especially for the latter group of people and these are being used in more than 10 countries and more than 10 sports.

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