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Custom software

The custom software made by NatriSoft has been made by order of and for specific customers (including Arbo and leasing companies). Because the privacy of these customers is very important for NatriSoft, the names and logos and results are not published on this website. If desired, examples of custom software can be displayed at a meeting.


Office software

For own use, NatriSoft has made a number of programs to make the work more efficient. Two examples are Much2Do and later Much2Plan. In the time that programs are not yet called apps, this program has helped to work efficiently across multiple projects for years. The software was free to download. In today's time there are so many similar programs (apps) that this software has not been developed further.


Music software

NatriSoft also made a number of music programs for personal use. The most advanced program in this series is the Marcel DMM (Drummers MIDI Manager) program. This program is intended especially for drummers using electronic drum modules. It has a highly advanced metronome, it can send MIDI program change information (select multiple-memory memories), play audio and record, and more. It is not yet published, for more information send an email to marcel@natrisoft.nl.


Sports software

The most welkknown example of software made by NatriSoft, which is publicly available, is the series of sports software. This software has been made for athletes, coaches and analysts of various sports. The programs are released under brand names like SportsWatch and SwimWatch.

Compared to other sports software, this software is very practical. The reason for this is that Marcel de Natris - founder and developer - is very experienced in sport as an athlete, as a coach and as an analist. The combination of his experience and great ideas produce practical solutions.

Click on a brand to go to the corresponding website.

SportsWatch software:

SwimWatch software:


For more information on SwimWatch products please email marcel@natrisoft.nl.

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