Terms of service

1. Validity

These terms apply to all our software that is available online, except when we declare other terms apply. By registering a product or confirming a service, the customer accepts these terms and agrees.

2. Offers

Prices of products that are stated on the website include BTW (VAT). Prices of services are excluding BTW (VAT). When prices have been altered by other parties on the website, in automatically generated emails or in promotion materiaal, customers can't derive rights from that price information.

3. Agreements

Customers reach an agreement when registering the software, the agreement is confirmed through an automatically generated email. After payment a licence is granted for the registered software, that gives the customer the right for personal use of the software.

4. Products

All software and all manuals can be downloaded from one or several websites. The software and manuals remain the property of NatriSoft and are licensed.

5. Licences

After registration licentes are granted by a combination of a number of codes, or a combination of a username and a password. When codes are related to hardware, NatriSoft is not obliged to supply new codes when the customer buys new hardware and cannot deactivate the license on the previously used hardware.

6. Cancelling the agreement

The customer has to test all software that is offered online before registering. By registering the customer confirms that the software is working properly. After a payment has been made and one or more licenses have been granted, a refund can only be issued if the customer can deactivate the license. In case of misuse of the registration service (for example activating unauthorized licenses), NatriSoft may unilaterally terminate the agreement.

7. Services

For services, NatriSoft provides the customer with an offer through a quotation, which will be sent by email. When the quotation is confirmed, the customer enters into an agreement with NatriSoft. The payment period(s) will be stated in the quotation or agreed by email.

8. Problems

In case problems on our side probihits us from keeping the agreement, the agreement is suspended for the duration of these problems. The customer does not have the right to cancel the agreement.

9. Liability

We are not liable for any harm, in whatever way, direct or indirect, that may be the result of the use of our software or services.

10. Disputes

The Dutch laws apply to these agreements. The court nearest to the residence of NatriSoft should be adressed to investigate any disputes.

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