System software

To automate or optimize processes, it is sometimes necessary for data to be moved or copied. It is also advisable to regularly backup important data. NatriSoft has also made a number of tools for this purpose.

Sync Or Swim

Sync Or Swim is a program that makes backups of specific folders and files, with a number of useful functions. It is possible to copy only files that are new or newer (Swim) or to synchronize files in two locations (Sync).


Tasks can be set per user and these can easily be switched on or off via check boxes. A surprisingly flexible application. Interested? Request more information by email.


With backups it is about copying files after use. In some cases, something must happen when creating a file. The Bigfeet program was created to copy files as they were created. With this program, for example, video files can copied from the recording location to a location where it is displayed. Once the file is available, the desired follow-up action can be started manually or through another program.


For more information on system software, please email marcel@natrisoft.nl.

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