NatriSoft has done inventories for numerous automation projects and has made countless functional and technical reports. Among other branches, Marcel de Natris has done projects for health and safety services and lease companies. If your company is short of hands, do not hesitate to inquire about the possibilities.


The level of productivity in the workplace has a major impact on business results. Measuring productivity can provide more insight into where and how much room there is for improving productivity. For measuring efficiency in the workplace, NatriSoft has created a tool that can be used to measure activities: MMO (Multi Moment Recording). If you want more insight into the efficiency in the workplace of your company, inquire about the possibilities.

Motion analysis

On the Products page you can read that NatriSoft has made a series of software products that customers can use to analyze various sports. Motion analysis software is primarily intended for use during training, to optimize the movement or to check whether the movement is being executed correctly. Software has already been made to analyze starts and turns in competitive swimming, but similar software can be made for other sports and other industries. See examples on this page.

Video analysis where objects are drawn on screen
Creating a new movement pattern from a start
Showing a previously made movement pattern

Race analysis or competition analysis

On the Products page, you can read that NatriSoft has created a series of software products that allow customers to analyze various sports. But with that software, NatriSoft also analyzed thousands of athletes, commissioned by sports federations and teams.

NatriSoft has a lot of experience with analysing races in competitive swimming. Since 2003 NatriSoft has analysed and distributed several thousands of races to teams and coaches using the brandname SwimWatch. Both national competitions and international competitions, among which several World Championships (e.g. Montreal, Shanghai), European Championships (e.g. Budapest and Helsinki) and Olympic games (Athens, Beijing) for the Dutch Swimming Federation KNZB.

SwimWatch has a lot of experience with analysing complete tournaments as well. In 2008 and 2010, SwimWatch has analysed all finals during European Championships in Eindhoven. With this kind of projects, SwimWatch will distribute detailed results per team and global (less detailed) analysis publicly. SwimWatch has a team of experienced analysts that can be hired for national and international meets.

Below a few pictures made during the National Championships in June 2009, in Eindhoven.

NK 2009 Eindhoven

Cameras at first position, left to right: Marco Kraaijeveld, Victor den Heijer, Toine van Diepen



NK 2009 Eindhoven

Cameras at second positon, left to right: Dennis de Waal, Robbert Wethmar, Marjolein Bosma


NK 2009 Eindhoven

Distribution to coaches: Paul van Vegchelen


NK 2009 Eindhoven

Analysing, left to right: Victor den Heijer, Alan Slomp

For more information on analysis services please email marcel@natrisoft.nl.

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