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Website design and realization

Making websites has become much simpler by services like Wordpress, but working with fixed templates can impose unwanted limitations. NatriSoft designs and always creates custom websites, for each client. That means that every website is really made from 'the ground', no ready-made recipe!

In recent years, much is written about website security (certificates) and about SEO (search engine optimization). Of course, these are also matters that NatriSoft takes into account. But not by pulling tricks, but just by building good and decent websites!

As a rule, NatriSoft focuses on functionality, believing that in most cases the purpose of a website is to inform people. In cases where 'amusement' is the aim, our conviction is that this must be achieved with 'content' and not through 'form'. But no matter how the website is made, a template is always used. Layout is not the most important, but formatting must be consistent!

Want to debate this approach? Send en email to marcel@natrisoft.nl!

Website maintenance

Once a website has been created, it is not finished. In order to keep a website up to date and interesting, it is important to update the website by customizing pages or adding new pages. NatriSoft can update those updates using information submitted by the client, for a fixed monthly fee. But of course, the customer can choose to maintain the website him/herself.

For maintenance, NatriSoft can offer a tailor-made solution. A website where the HTML is made completely offline can be done via an Excel application. NatriSoft has created an Excel application that makes it very easy to maintain a multilingual website, where pages can be changed and added. The resulting webpages can be checked offline, before release. After approval the files can be uploaded with the very same Excel application (with FTPS, explicit encription).

NatriSoft also creates websites with php / MySQL and in that scenario the HTML code is not made offline, but online (better said: client-side). Management of such websites can for example be done with an offline MS Access database. So also with websites made in this way, it is possible that the website management is done with MS Office.

For more information on web services please email marcel@natrisoft.nl.


MS Office automation

One of the specializations of NatriSoft is VBA (Visual Basic For Applications). That's the programming language for MS Office, which simplifies, accelerates, or automates things in MS Office. Consider, for example, the following possibilities:

  • Processing NAW data from a website to Outlook or Access
  • Sending emails to specific customers on specific moments, using smart templates     
  • Synchronize data between different Office programs or different accounts in Outlook     
  • Automatically categorize and / or store emails in subfolders by using contact info     
  • Create invoices in Excel or Access and send by email in Outlook     
  • Full customized administration in Excel or Access, including presentations and subscriptions for specific periods     
  • Full Accounting in Excel or Access, including Billing / Stock / loss and profit / balances

For more information on office automation please email marcel@natrisoft.nl.


Sport analysis of championships

On the Products page, you can read that NatriSoft has created a series of software products that allow customers to analyze various sports. But with that software, NatriSoft also analyzed thousands of athletes, commissioned by sports federations and teams.

NatriSoft has a lot of experience with analysing races in competitive swimming. Since 2003 NatriSoft has analysed and distributed several thousands of races to teams and coaches using the brandname SwimWatch. Both national competitions and international competitions, among which several World Championships (e.g. Montreal, Shanghai), European Championships (e.g. Budapest and Helsinki) and Olympic games (Athens, Beijing) for the Dutch Swimming Federation KNZB.

SwimWatch has a lot of experience with analysing complete tournaments as well. In 2008 and 2010, SwimWatch has analysed all finals during European Championships in Eindhoven. With this kind of projects, SwimWatch will distribute detailed results per team and global (less detailed) analysis publicly. SwimWatch has a team of experienced analysts that can be hired for national and international meets.

Below a few pictures made during the National Championships in June 2009, in Eindhoven.

NK 2009 Eindhoven

Cameras at first position, left to right: Marco Kraaijeveld, Victor den Heijer, Toine van Diepen



NK 2009 Eindhoven

Cameras at second positon, left to right: Dennis de Waal, Robbert Wethmar, Marjolein Bosma


NK 2009 Eindhoven

Distribution to coaches: Paul van Vegchelen


NK 2009 Eindhoven

Analysing, left to right: Victor den Heijer, Alan Slomp

For more information on analysis services please email marcel@natrisoft.nl.


Software training

NatriSoft has a lot of experience in providing computer training in MS Windows and MS Office, VBA and other programming languages. Also, Marcel de Natris wrote for renowned ICT companies course material, which they use in their training.

NatriSoft offers software training for all SportsWatch and SwimWatch software as well, both individually and groupwise. These sessions can take place in Schoonloo (Drenthe, Netherlands) or on other locations. Also outside The Netherlands, for instance NatriSoft has given a two day course in Stockholm.

For more information on training courses please email marcel@natrisoft.nl.


Lectures and presentations

NatriSoft is also available for lectures and presentations, in The Netherlands and abroad. For instance NatriSoft has given lectures in Switserland and Germany. The most obvious subjects would be start analysis, turn analysis and product development, but other topics are possible.

For more information on lectures please email marcel@natrisoft.nl.

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