The services and software provided and created by NatriSoft is often made for specific clients. Because the privacy of these customers is very important for NatriSoft, those projects are not shared on this website. The examples shown on this website are simplified versions of projects that were made for specific clients. Examples of custom software can be displayed at a meeting.


Making websites has become much simpler by services like Wordpress, but working with fixed templates can impose unwanted limitations. NatriSoft designs and always creates custom websites, from scratch. That means that every website is made for a specific client. Pure handwork, no easy roll-out and... affordable.

If you ask for quotes from companies that specialize in website design, you run the risk of receiving quotes with high rates and stereotypical texts such as "making customers feel welcome, giving positive energy, making the brand stronger, more honor visitors, revenue growth, customer satisfaction, loyalty, fresh design, recognisability, own identity, converting conversion to transaction, making it easily scalable" and more. That is not the approach of NatriSoft.

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If a website is made with javascript or php, then programming knowledge is required to create a website. But there are many more examples of projects for which code must be written. NatriSoft has realized a huge number of projects in-house in 20 years.

One of the specializations of NatriSoft is VBA (Visual Basic For Applications). That's the programming language for MS Office, which simplifies, accelerates, or automates things in MS Office. Do not underestimate what is possible with VBA within MS Office, repetitive activities are often time-consuming and with VBA such actions can often be accelerated in such a way that there is time for things that are really important.

Nowadays, when creating new software, people often opt for a web application and a cloud-based solution. But there are still many situations in which an offline or stand-alone application is a better solution. With the .NET platform from Microsoft, a Windows application can be made that the user installs on their own hard disk through a setup program.

When there really is a desire to share information online, it is not always the intention that everyone can see it. Sometimes it is necessary to screen off a part of a website, where users only get access with specific login details. A simple solution can be that a single page is provided with a simple security, but a more complex system can also be made.

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NatriSoft has a lot of experience in providing computer training in MS Windows and MS Office, VBA and other programming languages. Also, Marcel de Natris wrote for renowned ICT companies (Microsoft Gold partners) course material, which they use in their training.

Almost all NatriSoft software products are manuals made, often in multiple languages. NatriSoft also offers the possibility to follow a training in which the functions are explained. NatriSoft also provides training, individually and in groups, for all SportsWatch and SwimWatch software.

In addition to training for NatriSoft products, NatriSoft also provides training in other software. Marcel de Natris has given hundreds of training courses for MS Windows and MS Office, but also for software made by other companies and in other fields, for example software for the travel industry. This can be done by using existing training material, but NatriSoft could also create training materials for your software.

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NatriSoft has done inventories for numerous automation projects and has made countless functional and technical reports. Among other branches, Marcel de Natris has done projects for health and safety services and lease companies. If your company is short of hands, do not hesitate to inquire about the possibilities.

The level of productivity in the workplace has a major impact on business results. Measuring productivity can provide more insight into where and how much room there is for improving productivity. For measuring efficiency in the workplace, NatriSoft has created a tool that can be used to measure activities: MMO (Multi Moment Recording). If you want more insight into the efficiency in the workplace of your company, inquire about the possibilities.

On the Products page you can read that NatriSoft has made a series of software products that customers can use to analyze various sports. Motion analysis software is primarily intended for use during training, to optimize the movement or to check whether the movement is being executed correctly. Software has already been made to analyze starts and turns in competitive swimming, but similar software can be made for other sports and other industries.

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