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The NatriSoft company has been around for more than 20 years and is founded by Marcel de Natris. Currently, the company is based in Schoonloo, The Netherlands. The official company info can be found on the Contact page.


In 1998 Marcel and Theo de Natris founded the v.o.f. Building/3Design. Under that companyname, several custom software applications have been designed and built for different branches. Gradually, the company has shifted towards a spcialisation in sports. From January 2009 onwards, the company is driven by Marcel de Natris under the name of NatriSoft. In 2010 the company moved to Drenthe, in beautiful Schoonloo.


The mission of NatriSoft is to provide customers with practical software solutions. As a small company with a lot of experience, NatriSoft can respond quickly to needs and communicate quickly. Therefore, lead times are smaller than other IT companies!

For more information on the NatriSoft company please email marcel@natrisoft.nl.

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