The NatriSoft company has been around for more than 20 years and was founded by Marcel de Natris. That he is sporty (former top swimmer) and musically (drummer) and that he likes to work on IT and analyzing data, is reflected in the portfolio of the company NatriSoft.

Nowadays the company is based in Schoonloo, Drenthe. But NatriSoft not only accepts assignments in various branches, but also from various regions. So do not hesitate to contact us and inquire about the possibilities for an assignment or collaboration. The official company details are listed on the Contact page.


In 1998 Marcel and Theo de Natris founded the v.o.f. in Haarlem. Building / 3Design. Custom applications were made under this name for various clients. The company has gradually specialized in sports. In the 90s - when mobile phones were not yet commonplace - NatriSoft already made software for PDAs.

NatriSoft has not only made software for analysis in top sports, but has actually made thousands of race analyzes for Dutch Olympic athletes and coaches. The name was changed to NatriSoft from January 2009 because this name - more than the original name - makes clear what the core of the activities is: software development.


Software has to be made in an urban area, because (in The Netherlands) rural areas have very reliable and fast internet nowadays. So in 2010 the company moved to a nice green environment, in Schoonloo, Drenthe. In the middle of a beautiful forest, work is being done on various small and medium-sized projects and own products.


NatriSoft's mission is to provide customers with practical software solutions. As a small company with a lot of experience, NatriSoft is all-round and flexible. Differences with other IT companies: clear communication and short lead times!

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

For a company, CSR means taking into account the well-being of employees, the impact on society and the environment. NatriSoft has consciously chosen to stay small and live small. Both personally and professionally, the aim is to buy products as much as possible second-hand and to save as much energy as possible. Because it is important.

For more information on the NatriSoft company please email marcel@natrisoft.nl.

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