If a website is made with javascript or php, then programming knowledge is required to create a website. But there are many more examples of projects for which code must be written. NatriSoft has realized a huge number of projects in-house in 20 years. Some examples are given below.

MS Office automation (VBA)

One of the specializations of NatriSoft is VBA (Visual Basic For Applications). That's the programming language for MS Office, which simplifies, accelerates, or automates things in MS Office. Consider, for example, the following possibilities:

With the correct VBA code you can organize emails
This can be done by subject or by matching email addresses with contacts
This allows the mailbox to be emptied semi-automatically

NatriSoft has also made complete administrative solutions in VBA, in MS Excel and in MS Access. These systems include invoicing, inventory registration, Loss & Profit accounts and balance sheets. Read more about these products on this page.

Stand alone (.NET)

Nowadays, when creating new software, people often opt for a web application and a cloud-based solution. But there are still many situations in which an offline or stand-alone application is a better solution. With the .NET platform from Microsoft, a Windows application can be made that the user installs on their own hard disk through a setup program.

One of the situations in which an offline application may fit better is when personal or confidential data is used. Another reason may be that components are required or a method is required that can be said to work offline better or faster. NatriSoft has a lot of experience with offline software and can make 'full-stack' products. See examples on this page.

Web: php & MySQL

An example of a very comprehensive website made with PHP and MySQL is the webshop and registration service at www.natrisoft.com. This website consists of two parts. The first part is a webshop where customers can buy products, just like any other webshop. But the second part makes it special. Licenses are given for the software products that are sold through the webshop. These can be perpetual licenses or subscriptions that are renewed monthly. Customers can activate and deactivate licenses online. Take a look at this website!

The start page with the products (reduced)
A product in the shopping basket (reduced)
A list of licenses to (de) activate (reduced)

This project is quite complex for several reasons. As an indication, a number of features of this webshop:

There are various companies that can create webshops or offer a service that makes it possible to create a webshop yourself. The main difference between the NatriSoft webshop and most other products, is that is is made for software licenses. But that proves that NatriSoft is able to create web shops for very specific products. For a price indication, check this page.

For more information programming, please email marcel@natrisoft.nl.

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