Welcome to the SportsWatch and SwimWatch website

Welcome to the SportsWatch and SwimWatch website. On this website you will find information on software made by the company NatriSoft, which is published under the brandnames SportsWatch and SwimWatch. You can download and test all software for free!

About SportsWatch

SportsWatch is software made for athletes, coaches and analysts of various sports. This software does not include sport specific components. Software packages that are specifically designed for swimming, are published under the brandname SwimWatch.

Compared to other sports software, this software is very practical. The reason for this is that Marcel de Natris - founder and developer - is very experienced in sport as an athlete, as a coach and as an analist. The combination of his experience and great ideas produce practical solutions.

About SwimWatch

SwimWatch is software made for swimmers, coaches and analists. SwimWatch software is available for PocketPC's and for laptop or desktop PC's. Because all software is specifically designed for swimming, this software has a lot of advantages over other software.

SwimWatch software has been used for over 10 years now during World Championships, European Championships and Olympic games. The software is bing used by coaches in more than 10 countries. The most wellknown product of SwimWatch is the Race Analyzer, with which races can be analysed. But the product range also includes software to make analysis during training sessions.

Video feedback and video analysis

The term video analysis is used and mis-used often. Our view is that something should only be called 'video analysis' if detailed measurements have been gathered, resulting in a numerical report. When an activity is limited to recording and reviewing video, without any numerical data, we think that this should be called 'video feedback'.

SportsWatch software is generic software and fits in the definition of video feedback. It can be very useful to look back on training sessions, especially when using slow motion. The SwimWatch product line includes a number of programs that can actually make real analysis. These make specific things measurable, things that can not be seen with the naked eye. This and the way that this is done, makes this software unique and a great tool to improve performance!

New developments

In 2018 the development of new versions of the existing products has started. The old versions were designed to work with an SD resolution and with 25 frames per second. The new software will work with HD resolutions and higher framerates. Keep visiting this website so you do not miss new products!

Before new publicly available versions are published, Alpha and Beta versions will be made. The information about this software is only partially shown on the website. An Alpha version is the first version, which contains only a part of the functionality of the final version. The Beta version contains almost all functionality of the final version. If the Beta product can be registered and purchased, you are actually registering/purchasing the final version 4.0.

Would you like to test Alpha and Beta versions (with partial functionality), please let us know by sending an email to marcel@natrisoft.nl.

Upgrading to new versions

NatriSoft wants to make upgrading to new versions attractive for users of existing software. First of all, upgrades to new versions with the same base level is without any cost. So upgrading from version 2.0 to 2.1 and from 3.0 to 3.1 is always completely free. The new version can be downloaded and the user can start working with the new version directly.

When a new version is published with a higher base level (for example version 2.1 to 3.0) then the new software is a completely new program, developed from scratch. In such a case the existing customers will be offered a substantial discount when upgrading to the new version. Read more about upgrade offers and discounts for new versions on this page.

System requirements

If you want to do video analysis, it is important to understand that working with video places a pretty big demand on your system resources. Much more than for example browsing or sending emails. To make sure your setup can do video analysis smoothly, you should take some time to learn about hardware and software requirements. Read more on this page.

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