SwimWatch Turn Analyzer


The new package for turn analysis in swimming, very detailed and very efficient

The SwimWatch Turn Analyzer can be used to analyse a turn and it works in a similar way as the Race Analyzer. That means you can analyse a turn in high detail and in a very short time. By comparing turns of different swimmers you will learn how you can improve the turns of your swimmers!

Method of analysis

After capturing the movement can be analysed by using the mouse (or in case of a touch screen a pen or finger) to point the positions of several body parts. The amount of time that takes, depends on the number of body parts and the number of points that are set for each body part. With every next turn of the same athlete, the system will get faster because it 'learns' by analysing the previous movement.

After completing the process, the analysis file and the video file(s) are available for the coaches. To make distribution of files easier, a Distribute mode has been added. In this mode you can copy or move analysis and video files to and from an external disk.

Parameters and values

Just like the analysis made by the SwimWatch Race Analyzer and Start Analyzer are very detailed, so are the analysis of the Turn Analyzer. The amount of parameters that can be measured depends on the variation (Lite, Standard of Pro), extra parameters will be added in future versions. If you have requests for additional parameters, SwimWatch is able to create a Custom version that includes all the parameters you are interested in!



Before you register the software, you can test the software free of charge. However, the software is restricted in it's use. In case of the SwimWatch Turn Analyzer it is not possible to save video clips and analysis. However, you can experience the entire process of analysing a turn using samples (video anad analysis). These files can be downloaded from within the software.

Different variations

Experience has shown that this software is used by different types of users: from amateur to professional. For that reason this software has three user levels: Lite, Standard and Pro. Lite is intended for small clubs, Standard for bigger clubs and Pro for professional users or National teams. These variations are combined into a single program. After startup a form is shown in which the desired variation can be chosen.

 LiteStandard Pro

Capturing video clipsYes Yes Yes 

Maximum amount of cameras while capturing122 *)

Saving compressed videoYes Yes Yes 

Categorize video clipsYes Yes Yes 

Amount of paths for saving video and analysis123

Lists with year of birth and classificationNo Yes Yes 

Lists with physical parameters (length, weight)No Yes Yes 

Playback of video clipsYes Yes Yes 

Maximum amount of fixed cameras while analysing126

De-interlacing function to show 25 fps video as 50 fpsNo Yes Yes 

Zooming in and out to focus on parts of the video imageNo Yes Yes 

Amount of body parts that can be measured469

Automatic detection of start flashNo No Yes 

Amount of parameters204080

Validation of measurements during analysisYes Yes Yes 

Validation of measurements in the archive (after analysis)Yes Yes Yes 

Distribute video and analysis to coaches and athletesYes Yes Yes 

*) During analysis more than 2 video clips can be used, for a better view and more accuracte analysis

Additional features may be added, feedback is highly appreciated!


At the moment there is no version of the SwimWatch Turn Analyzer available for download. The 'old' version has been taken offline, but no newer version is available yet (not even a beta version). Visit this page again in a few weeks to see if a beta version is available!


This software will be available in three variations. Below the price indications for this software.

SwimWatch Turn Analyzer Lite:

SwimWatch Turn Analyzer Standard:

SwimWatch Turn Analyzer Pro:

If you have requests for additional parameters, SwimWatch is able to create a Custom version that includes all the parameters you are interested in, from 1500 euro incl. 21% VAT. Price indication on request.

For this software, we advise you to subscribe to a training session.


It is not possible to buy a software license for this product right now. But it will be available soon.

System requirements

The system requirements for SwimWatch software for PC can be found on this page.

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