On this page you will find information about ordering products and about support during use. Support for proper use of the software is provided in three ways: through manuals, training and through email.

Odering and payment

Most SportsWatch and SwimWatch software have a video component on board. Unfortunately, this component may not work well with old computers and it may not work perfectly with the very latest hardware. Check whether the software works well for you, before you register the software. If you want more info before testing, you can read more about hardware requirements on this page. Downloading and testing is free, so be sure to test whether the software works fine with your camera and computer!

The Demo setups contain video files with which you can evaluate almost all of the functions of the software. But capturing your own video clips is limited. To test both capturing and analysing components in the software, we offer the possibility of a temporary registration code. If you would like a temporary registration code, please contact Marcel de Natris, through email marcel@natrisoft.nl.

If after downloading and testing you would like to buy a license, you can visit our webshop at www.natrisoft.com . On each product page on this website, you can find a link to the corresponding product page in the webshop. If you want to buy more than 10 licenses, or you want to receive a quotation first, please send an email to sales@natrisoft.nl.

More information on ordering, payment, activating and deactivating licenses can be found on this pagina.

Software manuals

Currently there are software manuals for almost all version 3 programs. New manuals will be created when the new software 4 is released. These manuals can be found on the pages where the software can also be downloaded.

Software training

Almost all NatriSoft software products are manuals made, often in multiple languages. NatriSoft also offers the possibility to follow a training in which the functions are explained. NatriSoft also provides training, individually and in groups, for all SportsWatch and SwimWatch software.

These can be given online, or at our location in Schoonloo (Drenthe) or at other locations. Also internationally, for example, NatriSoft has also given multi-day training sessions and lectures in Sweden and Switzerland. Inquire into these options if you are interested.


If you have questions after reading the manual, send an email to support@natrisoft.nl.

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