SportsWatch Clock


A 60 second clock, with programmable intervals, that can be used during training sessions - freeware

This program has different modes: it can show a normal 60 second clock, it can count up or down, it can work with a single interval or two intervals of a different duration. If you like you can have one counter counting up and one counting down. It is simple and... free!

Below a few screenshots. The first picture shows the standard 60 second clock. In the upper left corner the time is shown.

The next picture shows the use of the clock with two intervals, the first going up and the second going down. The two clocks have a different color to indicate which interval is running. The upper left corner shows the number of repetitions.

The last picture shows the settings dialog, where you can see that the colors of the clocks (and the background color) can be set and you can see that setting the intervals is very easy.



This software can be downloaded from this page.


This software is freeware.


This software does not need to be registered or bought. Just download it and use it!

System requirements

The system requirements for SportsWatch software for PC can be found on this page.

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