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View video and results recorded with other SportsWatch software like the SportsWatch Video software - freeware

Depending on the program and the way it is used, athletes and coaches may want to review video and/or results that have been recorded with other SportsWatch software. All this data can be reviewed without limitation and without cost by using the Viewer software.

The old version

Below screenshots of two modes of version 3. The first mode is the Import mode, which allowes the coaches and athletes to import video and data that was recorded or created by other coaches or analysts.

The following screenshot shows the View mode with a video that was recorded earlier using the SportsWatch Video software. The analyst has added a drawing to the videoclip and the coach or athlete can review the video with the drawings.


The new version

We are working on the new version 4. Visit this page again in a few weeks to see if a new version is available!


At the moment there is no version of the SportsWatch Viewer available for download. The 'old' version 3 has been taken offline, but no newer version is available yet (not even a beta version). Please visit this page again!


This software is freeware.


This software does not need to be registered or bought.

System requirements

The system requirements for SportsWatch software for PC can be found on this page.

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