SportsWatch Video


Record video clips, review them and categorize them - simple and efficient

This program can be used for simple recording and reviewing video of a digital camera. The main difference between this program and simular software of other manufacturers is that this software is very easy to use.

The old version

Below screenshots of three modes of version 3. The first picture shows the Capture mode, where the video is captured from the digital videocamera.

The video clips can be played in View mode. The video can be played at different speeds and frame-by-frame. It is also possible to add drawings (like lines, ellipses or rectangles). Different colors and thicknesses can be selected.

After a video clip has been reviewed a video clip can be distributed to the swimmer. It is even posible to create a compressed version (which is considerably smaller in size compared to the original video in avi format).

Making a video recording
Analyzing movements with drawings
Distributing the result

The new version

We are working on the new version 4. Visit this page again in a few weeks to see if a beta version is available!


Before you register the software, you can test the software free of charge. However, the software is restricted in it's use. In case of The SwimWatch Video it is not possible to save video clips. However, the program can display a live video image and it can play the sample clip included in the setup program.

Although these restrictions may bother you slightly, bear in mind that the purpose of the Demo mode is to enable you to determine whether this software can help you improve performance, before purchasing.

Different variations

Experience has shown that this software is used by different types of users: from amateur to professional. For that reason this software has three user levels: Lite, Standard and Pro. Lite is intended for small clubs, Standard for bigger clubs and Pro for professional users or National teams. These variations are combined into a single program. After startup a form is shown in which the desired variation can be chosen.

 LiteStandard Pro

Capturing video clipsYes Yes Yes 

Maximum amount of cameras122

Saving compressed videoYes Yes Yes 

Categorize video clipsYes Yes Yes 

Playback of video clipsYes Yes Yes 

Zooming in and out to focus on parts of the video imageNo Yes Yes 

Basic drawing tools: single line or shapeYes Yes Yes 

More drawing tools: multiple lines and shapesNo Yes Yes 

Extensive drawing tools: anglesNo Yes Yes 

Extensive drawing tools: distancesNo No Yes 

Compare clips to other clips in the archive by showing two clips at once (synchronized)No No Yes 

Save specific drawings, so they can be used again in the futureNo No Yes 

Distribute video and drawings to coaches and athletesYes Yes Yes 

Additional features may be added, feedback is highly appreciated!


At the moment there is no version of the SportsWatch Video available for download. The 'old' version 3 has been taken offline, but no newer version is available yet (not even a beta version). Visit this page again in a few weeks to see if a beta version is available!


Below price indications for the SportsWatch Video 4.0 software:

SportsWatch Video Lite:

SportsWatch Video Standard:

SportsWatch Video Pro:

It is possible to subscribe to a training session for this software.

Note: Currently only perpetual licenses can be obtained (one-off). From the moment that the official 4.0 version is published, it will be possible to choose a montly license (subscription) for this product.


It is not possible to buy a software license for this product right now. But it will be available soon.

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