SportsWatch software

On this page you will find short introductions for each of the SportsWatch programs. Click on a picture or a link for more information about a program.

SportsWatch Delay

Display a continuous delayed video stream to your swimmers - eliminate the inefficient rewind and playback

This program simply shows a delayed live video stream of a digital camera. This is a great program that enables you to give video feedback to swimmers during training sessions, without having to rewind or to start or stop a recording.

Click here for more information on the Delay software

SportsWatch Video

Record video clips, review them and categorize them - simple and efficient

This program can be used for simple recording and reviewing video of a digital camera. The main difference between this program and simular software of other manufacturers is that this software is very easy to use.

Click here for more information on the Video software

SportsWatch Viewer

View video and results recorded with other SportsWatch software like the SportsWatch Video software - freeware

Depending on the program and the way it is used, athletes and coaches may want to review video and/or results that have been recorded with other SportsWatch software. All this data can be reviewed without limitation and without cost by using the Viewer software.

Click here for more information on the Viewer software

SportsWatch Clock

A 60 second clock, with programmable intervals, that can be used during training sessions - freeware

This program has different modes: it can show a normal 60 second clock, it can count up or down, it can work with a single interval or two intervals of a different duration. If you like you can have one counter counting up and one counting down. It is simple and... free!

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System requirements

The system requirements for SwimWatch software for PC can be found on this page.

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