Privacy Policy

Collecting personal data

When you download software from one of NatriSoft's websites, you will be asked for a name and email address. We would like to know who is testing our software and we would like to hear (optional) what your findings are. When registering, we ask for more information, which we need to be able to deliver our products or to provide our services.

Your data will not be shared with or sold to third parties and we will not collect data about you from other sources. The only information we have about you is the data you provide yourself and the data about the products and services you purchase.

Protection of personal data

Our website is provided with an SSL certificate and your data will be recorded in our administration after receipt. Our administration is completely offline, no customer data is placed online. Our equipment is adequately secured. Regular backups are made of the administration and these backups are not stored online, just like the current administration.


Our website does not use services such as Google Analytics or Facebook pixel. We do not store cookies or IP numbers of users who visit our website to get information on our products. We do not believe in the big data phenomenon as a revenue model. But when ordering products and when activating licenses (on www.natrisoft.com), your IP adress will be logged for security purposes.

Communication with clients

Information that our customers need to purchase our services and products is either on the website or provided by email. Also invoices are sent by email and required support is given by email. We do not send malings frequently. When we do, we do so in line with the applicable legal provisions. We provide every mailing of the email address where you receive the message and we provide a link to unsubscribe.

Deletion of data

If customers have indicated that they no longer wish to purchase services and products, the customer data in our administration system is made inactive. If customers explicitly request this, the personal data will be removed from our system.

Validity and application

This privacy policy applies to the websites that NatriSoft makes for its own products. These do not apply to websites that NatriSoft makes for clients or services that it provides on behalf of clients. For those products and services the conditions and rules of the client apply.

Questions or remarks? Send an email to marcel@natrisoft.nl.

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