SwimWatch Race Analyzer


The complete package for race analysis in swimming, very detailed and very efficient

The SwimWatch Race Analyzer is a complete package for race-analysis: you can capture races on video, make analysis and view the results. Video is saved in AVI format and/or in compressed format. Measuring all split times and stroke frequencies is highly efficient, because the software uses the archive to jump through the video. A 100m race can be analysed within 5 minutes!

Parameters and values

Analysis made by the SwimWatch Race Analyzer are very detailed, a 100m race shows over 100 parameters! To show all these parameters, approximately 40 values need to be measured (the rest of the parameters are calculations). SwimWatch is aware of the danger of presenting the too much data to the coach. That is why SwimWatch has designed a user interface that allows the data to be presented on screen in a very user-friendly way. Experience shows that all coaches can learn to work with the software after only one day theory and only one day of practice.

The list of parameters of the SwimWatch Race Analyzer is too extensive to list on this page. Click here for a visual presentation of the sections and a list of parameters that are shown on screen by the SwimWatch Race Analyzer.

Method of analysis

With this software you can record races on video. These recordings are saved in AVI format, you can save a compressed version in a second location as well (to be used on a wireless network). Capturing can be started and stopped using the mouse, the keyboard or the videocamera. Capturing on the computer can be linked to the recording button on the camera. For 50m pools you can capture 2 camera's at the same time, during the analysing process both videos are visible the whole time.

Measuring all split times and stroke frequencies is very efficient. There is no need to play the whole race, using the races in the archive the program calculates a set of split times (an estimation). The analist can adjust each split time (in 0.01 sec, inbetween frames) by jumping over sections using the OK or the Next button. Every measurement will only take a few seconds and the analysis is made. After completing the process, the analysis file and the video file(s) are available for the coaches.

Each tournament between 100 and 150 races are added to the archive of the Dutch Swimming Team, that is about a 2000 races each year. To make distribution of analysis and video files to coaches easier, a Distribute mode has been added. In this mode you can copy or move analysis and video files to and from an external disk. A selection can be made using filters, you can select races of a specific tournament and/or a specific coach.


The new version

The new version is almost ready and will be available on this website shortly. Below is a short video of the first beta version.

Compared to version 3, the current beta version already has a few improvements:

The upcoming improvements are currently planned to be implemented before version 4 is released:

Do you have any suggestions for improvements yourself? Now is the right time to report them, because the final version is not ready yet. Send an email to feedback@natrisoft.nl!


Before you register the software, you can test the software free of charge. However, the software is restricted in it's use. In case of the SwimWatch Race Analyzer it is not possible to save video clips and analysis. However, you can experience the entire process of analysing a race using samples (video anad analysis). These files can be downloaded from within the software.

Using the sample clip and the sample analysis it will become clear that this software can really help you improve performance. If you consider the great detail of the analysis and the friendly price, this software is worth a detailed inspection!

Different variations

Experience has shown that this software is used by different types of users: from amateur to professional. For that reason this software has three user levels: Lite, Standard and Pro. Lite is intended for small clubs, Standard for bigger clubs and Pro for professional users or National teams. These variations are combined into a single program. After startup a form is shown in which the desired variation can be chosen.

 LiteStandard Pro

Capturing video clipsYes Yes Yes 

Maximum amount of cameras while capturing122 *)

Saving compressed videoYes Yes Yes 

Categorize video clipsYes Yes Yes 

Amount of paths for saving video and analysis123

Lists with year of birth and classificationNo Yes Yes 

Playback of video clipsYes Yes Yes 

Maximum amount of panning cameras while analysing128

Maximum amount of fixed cameras while analysing007

Extra features for efficient competition analysis (alle banen)No No Yes 

Zooming in and out to focus on parts of the video imageNo Yes Yes 

Drawing lines to aid analysisYes Yes Yes 

Semi-automatic import of official resultsNo No Yes 

Amount of sections per length for a 25m pool, short distances344

Amount of sections per length for a 25m pool, long distances333

Amount of sections per length for a 50m pool, short distances466

Amount of sections per length for a 50m pool, long distances444

Split times and section timesYes Yes Yes 

SpeedsYes Yes Yes 

Stroke frequenciesYes Yes Yes 

Stroke lengthsYes Yes Yes 

BreakoutsNo Yes Yes 

Number of cycles per lengthNo No Yes 

Validation of measurements during analysisYes Yes Yes 

Validation of measurements in the archive (after analysis)Yes Yes Yes 

Distribute video and analysis to coaches and athletesYes Yes Yes 

*) During analysis more than 2 video clips can be used, for a better view and more accuracte analysis

Additional features may be added, feedback is highly appreciated!


The most recent version of this software can be downloaded from this page.


Viewing analysis is free, download the Viewer program for that purpose. If you want to make new analysis yourself, you should register the Race Analyzer software.

This software is available in three variations.

SwimWatch Race Analyzer Lite:

SwimWatch Race Analyzer Standard:

SwimWatch Race Analyzer Pro:

It is possible to subscribe to a training session for this software.

Note: Currently only perpetual licenses can be obtained (one-off). From the moment that the official 4.0 version is published, it will be possible to choose a montly license (subscription) for this product.


You can buy a software license by registering on this page.


System requirements

The system requirements for SwimWatch software for PC can be found on this page.

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