SwimWatch Race Analyzer

Visual representation

The SwimWatch Race Analyzer divides 50m pools in these sections:

The SwimWatch Race Analyzer divides 25m pools in these sections:

(See the bottom of this page for longer distances)

List of parameters

Below a list of parameters shown when viewing an analysis in View mode.


Metadata Race

Metadata Swimmer

Page 1: Race

Race strategy

Race strategy totals

Split times for each length

Page 2: Time/Speed

Lap times each length

Lap time totals

Speed is calculated using split times and section lengths

Speed totals

Page 3: SF/SL

Stroke Frequency each length

Stroke Frequency totals

Stroke length is calculated using speed and stroke frequency

Stroke length totals

Page 4: Start

Start time

Start speed

Page 5: Turn

Turn times for each turn

Average turn times

Turn speed for each turn, calculated using turn times and section lengths

Average turn speed

Page 6: Finish

Finish time

Finish speed

Page 7: Breaks

Break-out after each turn

Break-out totals (excluding breakout from start)

Strokes info is OPTIONAL, not required for every analysis

First stroke after each turn

First stroke totals

Page 8: Strokes

Strokes info is OPTIONAL, not required for every analysis

Strokes information per length

Totals stroke count

Last stroke time per length

Totals last stroke time

*) Calculation: ((pool length) - (breakout distance))/ (stroke length)

   Example: ((50) - (7.5)) / (2.0) = 21.25

   (from version 2.20 on)

Long distances

When analyzing distances of 400m or more, the SwimWatch Race Analyzer uses double length sections.

In case of a 50m pool the system uses 2 sections of 20m instead of 4 sections of 10m:

In case of a 25m pool the system uses 1 section of 15m instead of 2 sections of 7.5m:

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